For Sale

I have a whole lot of surplus items for sale, not all listed here, let me know in case you are interested.


All offers posted here are non-binding, I reserve the right of prior sale. Items posted here might be sold already.
All prices are O.B.O., subject to negotiation, and exclude shipment.

Various spare boards USD 35 each, O.B.O., more to be listed soon:
0180-2835 hp 32dr6593 ok
08565-60017 hp ok
08565-60030 hp ok 1
08565-60030 hp ok 2
08565-60031 hp ok
08565-60052 hp ok
08565-60178 hp ok
08565-60211 hp ok
08565-60216 hp a35 ok
08565-60228 hp ok
08569-60070 hp ok
08565-60006 8565 8569 tuning assy hp ok
85660-60128 hp ok
a11b1 micro-tel ok
a12b1 micro-tel 1295 ok
a12b3 rev c micro-tel ok
a3b10 rev a micro-tel 1295 ok
a3b3 micro-tel 1295 ok
a3b4 micro-tel 1295 ok
a3b5 micro-tel 1295 ok
a6 micro-tel 1295 ok
mt-c-368a micro-tel 1295 ok
mt-c-370 micro-tel 1295 ok
mt-c-371 micro-tel ok

Location: B71/B72


#521 HP 3455A Digital Voltmeter. In good shape, working and in-cal (not calibrated by an accredited lab, but may be even more accurate), USD 275.

#577 HP 3562A Dynamic Signal Analyzer. Perfect working condition. USD 780.

#578 HP 3562A ROM Board (A3 assy) Rev B. HP P/N 03562-66503. USD 90 (exchange basis).

#329 EIP 928 Microwave Sweeper 1-18 GHz, about 10 dBm output. Fully working. Various sweep functions, very powerful generator (I just have too many microwave sweepers). USD 750.

#702 EIP 535 18 GHz Counter. Nice and clean unit, perfect working condition. USD 325.

#622 HP 8591A 1.8 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, Option 001, 004, 101, 102, 021, E92. Pristine condition. USD 1250.

#410 HP 8568B 1.5 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, including display unit (85662A) and all cables. Fully working condition! Bright and sharp CRT! USD 1650.

#901 HP 8569A 22 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, perfect working condition. USD 1550.

#922 Spare CRT for HP 8565A, used, reasonable condition, USD 150.

#247 HP 8901A 1.3 GHz Modulation Analyzer, Option 001. USD 550.

#659 Wavetek 907A 7-12.4 GHz Source. Working. USD 350.

#772 Micro-Tel MSR-904A Microwave Receiver. Rarely found in such perfect working condition, fully functional, includes manual (paper and scan) – full schematics. USD 4850.

Replacement ROMs for a pretty large variety of HP equipment; EPROM programming of almost any possible chip, 2516, 2716, 2532, 2732 etc. – please ask – service offered for your non-commercial purposes only.

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