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Micro-Tel MSR-904A Remote Interface: pretune DAC, precision reference, and some auxilliary circuit

Not a very exciting circuit today, but definitely, a very important one: the pretune DAC for the MSR-904A. This DAC will drive the 0..10 V input of the MSR-904A, to set the frequency for a given band. The frequency needs to be set to about 1 MHz or better, and the DAC needs to be virtually free of noise – any noise will be converted to phase noise, and cause a lot of hazzle for the PLL circuit to be added later.

Rather than a dual supply, the intention is to use a single +18 V supply for the whole remote control circuit. Therefore, we need a few linear regulators, to derive the +5 V for the digital circuits, including the ATmega8-16, and a positive voltage of about 12 V, for the analog circuit. The output driver for the pretune (0..10 V) uses an OPA2703 rail-to-rail opamp. So, I decided on a 11.4 V positive supply, for convenience of resistor values available – 270 Ohm, and 2k2, for a LM317 regulator.

The DAC, a Texas instrument DAC8831. A highly linear device – 1 LSB of INL error. Low noise, low power. The DAC is connected to a +5 V precision reference, a MAX6350. This is a pretty stable and low noise reference, very much recommended for 16 bit converters.

Well, not much more to say, here is the schematic:

msr-904a interface pretune circuit and power supply

And, a quick glance at the board:

msr-904a interface pretune and digital control

There is some space left on the board – for an ADC (to monitor signal strength), and for the PLL power supply (needs 3x 3 V, UA723 – for low noise), and a 10 MHz/5 MHz distribution circuit.

YTO YTF Driver: 0..250 mA, 16 bits resolution

Quick update on the YTO/YTF driver board – with 16 bits of resolution. Assembly, is complete, and basic function has been checked – digital control test will follow tomorrow.
Current is settable from 0 to 250 mA, with 65535 counts of resolution – about 3.8 Microamps per LSB. All has been build to minimize noise, with heavy filtering on the supplies. The DAC is run from a dedicated 5 V supply, with a 2.5 V precision reference, 1 ppm/K, MAX6325ESA+.
The U to I converter is powered by 11.4 V – provided by a LM317 voltage regulator.
Switching element is an IRF730, operated as a series variable resistance in series with the coil.

YTO YTF driver 2x250 mA 16 bit

YTO YTF driver 2x250 mA 16 bit schematic

Looking at the BoM, the parts sum up to about USD 35 plus board, not bad – target is to stay below about $100 for the final assembled unit, which will be achievable, no issue. Main cost comes from the MAX reference, and the DACs (DAC8830), almost USD 22.

To come: bandwidth testing