8645A Agile Signal Generator: power-up, lots of mechanical repair – finally, calibration, and some first tests

The 8645A has been a real challenge. Not electronically, but with all the mechanical damage.

Most of the defective parts are now fixed or replaced, the last one missing:
8645a damaged connector assembly

The front connector and bracket, badly damaged – this will need to go back with me to Germany, don’t have the right tools here (anyone out there with a metal workshop, in the greated NYC area, let me know!). Will see if I can bend this back, or machine a replacement from aluminum alloy. Also, one of the screws is broken off and stuck in the thread – all pretty laborious to repair.

The temporary set-up – connected a SMA f/f adapter, to get the signal out.
8645a temporary connection

Electronically, major success! Not going into any details for now, explaining the inner workings of the 8645A would take hours. But, it is now back to a stage where power can be supplied to the circuits, and watch out, this is the first result:

8645a self cal

… after several minutes, still no change – checked the manual – and the self calibration can acutally take 5 minutes or more, so I am patiently waiting. Finally, this result:

8645a result code 0

Sounds good.

Went quickly through all of the basic functions, and the machine seems to put out almost +20 dBm over the full band, stays perfectly phase locked, and, as far as I can tell with the 8565A, it is pretty clean.

Machine under test –
8645a working

– showing a ~1.7 GHz signal, FM modulated, 30 kHz depth, 1.5 kHz audio.
8645a fm check

For now, repair-final check on hold, with more tests once the connector is back in place.

The many hours spent so far, certainly worthwhile,for a machine that cost about USD 39.5k in 1990, close to 90k nowadays… all its major capabilities, well described in the HP 1990 catalog.
8645a hp catalog 1990

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