Wiltron 6659A Programmable Sweep Generator: EPROM images captured, some rubber items

The 6659A is running on no more than 10 kilobytes of code, stored in 5 pcs 2716 EPROMs. These were programmed in 1984 – just about 30 years ago. Just in time to capture a copy. Well, not just of their exteriors.

6659a eproms

Their contents –
-also contained are the data of the 4 frequency correction EPROMs.

Looking through the board, a very intriguing part: a DAC72C-CSB-I
6659a dac72c-csb-i

It is a 16 bit DAC, 30 ppm INL, 7 ppm/K gain drift. Merely, a resistance ladder, with a build-in 6.3 V reference. Still going for about 40-50 USD each! Very impressive case, for 1984 vintage, and still working just fine, to the current day.

While silicon chips last, rubber is subject to aging – in particular, the 4 rubber stand-offs that were holding the fan. Removal was no easy task – they were glued in with some Loctite, but eventually, I could remove them, and they were replaced by regular screws – not too much vibration anyway.

6659a rubber standoffs

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