5372A Frequency and Time Interval Analyzer: ROM images

Always a good idea to back-up the EPROMs of dated test equipment – rarely they fail, but very tough to fix, at least, if it is a less-popular unit. The 5372A is definitely less popular. Let’s make at least the EPROM images publicly available, I hope HP doesn’t mind!

There are 8 EPROMs: 4 pcs 128Kx8 HP p/n 1818-4060, and 4 pcs 512Kx8 HP p/n 1818-3825 (equivalent 27C512).

5372A ROM Rev 2947 Dec 08 1989

These are the hp serials and denominators of the EPROMS:

05372-80032 A7U16
05372-80033 A7U17
05372-80034 A7U18
05372-80035 A7U19
05372-80036 A7U52
05372-80037 A7U53
05372-80038 A7U54
05372-80039 A7U55

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