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HP 8569B Front Panel Assy Repair: rotary switches

Another 8569B repair, dealing with the aging plastic of the front panel assy rotary switches. Having the variable ref level encoder fixed earlier (ref level encoder repair), the level rotary switches were fixed, by using some small (metric) M1.2×0.25 brass screws.

Most important – the holes to be tapped for the screws need to be drilled quite accurately, using a 0.8 mm drill. This is best done on a milling machine or precise drill press, or with a very steady hand. If you don’t have a drill press, make sure all is as straight and perpendicular as possible.

A M1.2×0.25 tap is then used to thread the parts, make sure to start the tap perpendicular to the surface (a single tap, or machine tap will be fine – no need to use tap sets).

M1.2 screws will fit pretty snug through the contacts, so you might need to use a small screwdriver or similar tool to slightly enlarge the holes of the contacts.

8569b rotary switch repair

Final stage of assembly, still with some of the wires unsoldered…

8569b control assy

8569b control assy front