Q: You are doing electronics for a business?
A: No, not at all! Please help me out by becoming a supporter (see buttons above!). Non-monetary contributions (test equipment, working or non-working, RF and microwave hardware of any kind) are highly welcome.

Q: I need advice concerning a topic related to electronics, chemistry, anything technology-related, can you help?
A: Well, tell me, what it is.

Q: Are you selling any circuits-equipment-spares for test equipment?
A: Not for any commercial purposes, only if I have excess parts or equipment, and if you will put these things to good use.

Q: Where are you located? I am getting confused.
A: Sometimes, a bit confusing for me as well. Living in Ube, Japan, and in Germany, and staying in either place, or in various airplanes and hotels all around the world.

Q: Can you help me with some illegal item, do you fabricate bugs, can you modify equipment to make it vulnerable to attack, etc?
A: Not at all!

Q: I am pretty sure you can help me with some electronics design, but it is for commercial purposes, and you need to sign something, are you willing to help?
A: Always willing to help, if there is overlap of your technical challenge and my abilities and interests. But be reminded, I reserve the right to publish everything I learn about it, share it with others at my own discretion, and won’t sign anything.

Q: Why SimonsDialogs?
A: There is a long-standing publication called AnalogDialogue, and I admire very much what the folks at Analog Devices do. Secondly, Dialogs is more like a combination of “Dialogue” and “Log”. So it is not really the American English version of Dialogues.

SimonsDialogs – A wild collection of random thoughts, observations and learnings. Presented by Simon.