You might ask, how to receive 1090 MHz? – fortunately, enough, not all that difficult. It’s old news: the best receiver is a good antenna. No need for anything fancy here, a bit of copper wire (silver plated, but any wire will do), and a piece of coax will do.
If you want to fabricate one for yourself – the coax needs to be connected about 10-12 mm, from the lower end of the loop. Short pole is 55 mm, long pole 205 mm, in my case – with the shield soldered to the short end (doesn’t really matter too much). The coax has a few turns, acting as a simple balun (you might want to put some heat shrink tubing over the semi-rigid coax, to prevent shorting of the loops).

FYI, I found that it works well in the attic. So there is no need of weatherproofing, and the neighbors aren’t getting too curious because of numerous antennas sticking out of your home….. The roof isn’t all that strong, plywood and tar paper; both keep out the rain, but not the RF waves, fortunately enough…

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