Xmas Bakery: Nougat Plätzchen(=small cookies)

These are one of my favorite Christmas “Plätzchen”(=small cookies). A kind of nougat shortbread, covered with chocolate.
First, prepare a dough by thoroughy mixing/kneading (no machine needed, best use your hands):

250 g nougat (soften in microwave)

80 g butter (soft)

60 g sugar

300 g plain flour, German Type 405

1/2 teespoon baking poweder (throughly mix with flour)

a little bit of salt

1 egg

some vanillin powder (or vanilla essence)

Once properly mixed, make two rolls, and wrap in some plastic foil:

Let rest for several hours in the fridge, or overnight.

Then, form nice cookies, either manually, or by rolling it to about 3/16″-1/4″ thickness. Don’t roll too thin!

nougat ausstechen

nougat ready for oven

Bake in oven at medium temperature. For best result, use 165°C circulating air. Baking time is 10-12 minutes.

Let the cookies cool to room temperature. Eventually, your efforts will result in a pile of cookies ready to be chocolate-coated.
nougat baked

Then, melt

200 g baking chocolate

150 g of really dark chocolate

using a water bath (also to keep the chocolate warm during the coating process).

nougat chocolate application

For guests that are worried about too much chocolate, it always is a good idea to leave some of the cookies partially covered.

nougat final steps

Use non-stick paper, and let the cholocate solidify for at least 18 hours before packaging.
Store in odor-free, dry place. For best taste, let them rest for at least a few days.

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