TWS-N15 Noise Source: noise generating elements

Some trials with various low-cost noise generating circuit elements:

(1) Zener diodes
(2) Transistors B-E junctions in break-down mode
(3) Noise diodes – these are not being considered, not low cost.

For (1), a BZV55-12 diode was used, directly soldered on the traces of the noise source circuit described earlier.
For (2), as a first try, a BC238B transistor was used (with legs cut to very short length). Sure, I will try some RF transistors, but these are all back in the main workshop in Germany and will come over in a couple of weeks.

noise bc238b lin

noise bc238b log

The output, measured with a HP 8970A noise figure meter and some GPIB software to do this efficiently, it shows quite interesting behavior.

For the Zener diode, there is appreciable 1/f (pink) noise at <30 MHz, but the output is pretty much flat at higher frequencies. The transistor, well, it is working fine at lower frequencies, at 10 mA bias, the noise is flat-white up to about 300 MHz. But not enough noise at higher frequencies - maybe just not the right part for this purpose. These are just a few of the components tested, stay tuned.

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