Special Ginger Honey Liquor: Elixir No. 4

To maintain good health and long life, the not-so-secret recipe:

500 g candied ginger, preferably, fresh and strong flavor

ginger candied

500 mL of 40% plain spirit (vodka or similar)
Mix in blender
Store overnight

Filter through a cotton kitchen towel, or similar thin sheet. This is quite laborious; considerable force is needed to get the liquid out but it will work just fine with some patience.

Take filter residue, and mix with another 500 mL of 40% spirit. Let soak for some time (30 minutes), and filter again.

Take filter residue, mix with 300 mL of hot water, and filter/squeeze until all liquid has been removed. Some semi-dry fibrous residue will remain (discard).

This operation should yield about 1.4-1.5 L of ginger extract.

In a steel pot, heat
640 g of plain sugar
10 g of citric acid
240 g water
to 90°C for 2 hours (need to measure with thermometer, keep within 90-95°C)
This will give about 850 g – 600 mL of sirup.

Finally, in a large container, mix the sirup, the extract, and 100 g of honey.

Add 20 drops of orange peel oil (essential oil).

ginger citrus aurantium var. dulcis essential oil

As a result of all these efforts you will obtain about 2 L of very healthy ginger liquor that is ideal for gifts, and sure enough, also to maintain your own health.

ginger liquor

To enjoy, either drink pure, 3 tablespoons per serve. Or, even better, mix 3 tablespoons with a cut of hot water (really hot), and enjoy while still hot and inhale the vapors.

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