Xmas Bakery: double-choc chocolate trees

These are very delicious and chocolate-rich cookies. Enjoy in moderation.

For the dough, take
200 g ground hazel nuts
300 g wheat flour
200 g sugar
1/2 teespoon baking powder
some salt
2 pck vanillin sugar or some vanilla essence
2 eggs
250 g unsalted butter

Prepare a firm dough and let rest overnight in the fridge.
Take out small portions at a time, roll to about 1/8″ thickness, and punch tree-shapes, or other shapes as you prefer. Dough is not too easy to work with, so add some flower and only roll a small portion at a time, not the whole quantity.

Bake at 170°C, in convection oven. Or similar oven, medium heat. Baking time about 10 minutes.

Once cooled, melt some nougat (Viennese nougat, brown, finely ground nougat; alternatively, some nougat chocolate or hazelnut chocolate, finely ground) and assemble 2 cookies with some of the molten nougat. Keep temperature of the nougat in the proper range to ensure medium-firm consistency, otherwise, it will be hard to assemble the cookies. Total quantity of nougat needed will vary with thickness of application, but 200-250 g should be enough.

Let the assembled cookies rest overnight, in a cool but dry place.

Then, dip in molten dark chocolate (about 300 g needed), using a fork, one cookie at a time.

Place on some parchment paper and let the chocolate solidify.

Package in a box, layer by layer, with parchment in between the layers.
Don’t stack more than 4-5 layers to keep the surface of the chocolate nice and free of defects.

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