Phillips Senseo Coffee Brewing System: the serious consequences of a broken wire

With close to 40 million sets sold, the Phillips Senseo coffee makers are in widespread use in various parts of the world, predominantly, Europe. Also at my workshop, this machine provides the essential supply of coffee. However, recently, this supply came to a sudden and unexpected hold, leaving me in a serious situation – stuck without coffee.

The defect was not related to any of the electronic or electric parts, but to the closing mechanism of the head part. It just would not close properly.

First we need to have a look inside. Using a screwdriver, the lid can be easily disassembled, by prying out the inner part with a screwdriver (needs to be done left and right).


Inside, a broken wire spring, which is 1.5 mm in diameter, and made from some rather stiff stainless steel spring wire.


Where to get a spare wire? No 1.5 mm spring wire around here, but an old egg beater (maybe you can use some steel wires of an old umbrella?). So I decided to sacrifice one of its wires to the coffee machine repair.


Here, you can see the wire installed. It is not quite 1.5 mm thick, but still, it works.


After this quick fix, coffee again!


One thought on “Phillips Senseo Coffee Brewing System: the serious consequences of a broken wire”

  1. Nice work. I came here following the said piece of wire falling out of my lid unexpectedly. It had lost its springiness and quickly separated into two parts just like your photo.
    I tried making a coffee anyway. It worked, no leak to notice, but there is no hiss of releasing pressure when opening the lid shortly after making the coffee.
    I may have a gander inside anyway.
    Good call on the replacement wires.
    Thankyou, enjoy your distancing.

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